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Time for a scene change :D Frankly, it feels extremely good to change scenes. The previous one was rather long, though necessary since there was so much to wrap up before both I and Anrak were able to move on. (Also we haven't seen the ladies in over a year.....)

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Arbalest - Haelu is a monster, born of the snow and the long dark. In 6 months, she will be dead. Her purpose: to bring back the sun. But, as awareness of her complex self begins to emerge, Haelu forges goals of her own. Rated M for partial nudity, blood/gore, sex, themes of abuse.


Spare Keys for Strange Doors - Two experts in the supernatural help ordinary people with their extraordinary problems. Specialities include visitations, disappearances, compulsions, manifestations, transformations and removal of uninvited guests.


broken - a fantasy/horror story about a zombie kid befriending a fairy general and trying to deal with guilt, grief, and PTSD. This is complicated by eldritch abominations, a genocidal dictator, the dictator's wife, and a panic-induced exit from the last known bastion of civilization. Contains graphic violence (including suicide), body horror, and the occasional flashing image.

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