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I've been wanting to post this page myself, rather than schedule it ahead. Then I forgot it was Thursday... I just got up from napping with the cat belatedly realising that I in fact hadn't posted the page yet.

I don't know if it is visible to anybody but myself, but I've been trying to relax a little about non-natural environments in the comic and freehand the lines for backgrounds. I figured if I wanted to give this a go, then this scenes of a burnt down village might be the best opportunity to do so.

And here is also the last batch of new-ish SpiderForest comics for you to read and fall in love with :D


Badass warrior girls, deadly mermaids, and a forbidden romance.

Strange science and sarcastic robots

Robots who've been abandoned by their Creators struggle to find meaning in life.

Space, Love, and a Whole Lotta Action.

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