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I'm a little late with uploading today's page, sorry about that :)

I've had my last day at work yesterday, so upon coming home I did some celebrating by opening a bottle of wine (and drinking only one glass >>) and watching the Kingsman movies, which I've had on my agenda for a while. Very enjoyable! And I had no alarms waking me up this morning, which was very nice haha Technically, I had a vacation planned for this time anyway, so I don't think it has quite sunk in that my job-life is changing a lot soon!

So with all that I didn't pre-schedule the page as per usual. Now I'm here doing the uploading on the day. It's new to me :P

While I enjoy my new-found freedom for the next two weeks, I hope you enjoy this page! There's one more in this chapter, before we get to the intermission! All of which you can read on Patreon already!

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